Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baidu statistics the first to experience: the promotion of impact assessment papers

1, view the overall flow profile

Key considerations: the general effect of the recent assessment of the overall promotion.

The first step in using Baidu statistics should see the statistical overview of course, it is mainly to the recent site to your overall performance in the flows to their overall condition of a rate.

Traffic trends report: roughly determine the effect of the recent promotion of

Visits: visitors opened the website page for complete access to the number of labels by the end of the page before installing the access of code statistics.

Number of visitors: in one day, to visit your site independent IP number.

Number of new visitors: one day visit your site the first time the different users. If your site has multiple domain names, access different domain can be considered a new visitor to the same user.

Views: the PV, that is repeated on the same page here that is into the total.

Average visit length: Average per-visit the site when the long stay, the total length of visit / visits.

Average access pages: the average number of pages viewed per visit, page views / visits.

Single page visit rate / multi-page access rate: visit a page / several pages from the site visits to the percentage of the total number of visits.

Coaching: Suppose you have recently taken a series of measures to promote the website, you can use traffic statistics to assess the overall effectiveness Recently promoted. Suppose the average visit length, the average number of pages visited growth, that the content of your site attractive to visitors is increasing; assuming that the new growth in visitor numbers to prove your recent promotion of the development of new user may be useful.

2, concerned about the visit of

Key considerations: on the different types of promotional tools for an assessment of the effects have generally.

Into the "source of" following "the source type of report", where you can see that the main source of Web traffic, the general principal is: direct, search engines, other sites.

Traffic Sources report: consideration of the effect of different promotional tools

Click on the "other sites" which can further see how to bring traffic to your website the most.

Coaching: Suppose your site traffic, the "direct" more loyal visitors that your site more, we have to remember the name or add favorites; assume that the statistics come from some other site traffic more You can increase the awareness of co-operation with these sites.

3, analysis of search engine keywords

Key considerations: concern about the search engine traffic to your site contribution.

Switch to the "source of search engine report" page, where you can see from Baidu, Google and other search engine traffic statistics.

The search engines bring traffic to your site comparison

Coaching: from here to know which search engine traffic to your website to help the most, since you can increase the search engine's attention; if you have to do search engine promotion, search engine attention to the corresponding data, to judge and the effects can be roughly .

Click each name for each search engine, you can see the details of search engine traffic, from which key words, respectively by the number of traffic.

Baidu search traffic to the site situation, in which "psp2000 game downloads" into the "flow of the King"

Coaching: focus keyword traffic situation can be analyzed by the habits of your site users to help in the search for targeted promotional efforts, put in key words to choose; and see each keyword in each search engine visits, you can further study the differences among the various search engines.

4, concerned about the conversion rate

Key considerations: For the most important consideration and the effects of the standard, you can see traffic on the real value you bring.

For the promotion of the assessment results, "conversion rate" is one of the most important indicators. If the conversion rate is low, but the volume is high, that many of your site's traffic flow is not valid, the effect of promotion is open to question. How, then, consider the conversion rate?

Must first transform goal setting, open the setup interface, click on "Create target", assuming that your website is a simple business official website, I hope more through official website of the "Contact Us" page to find your phone, that goal setting as follows:

In the "Step 1" fill in the site URL, in the "target" to complete a "Contact Us" page of the URL. And fill out each time such a transformation may be the benefits for you and your expected conversion rate.


For the same site, there are a lot of the transformation can set goals, in addition to contact you outside, such as completing the registration, submit orders, to complete the transaction, message interaction. And for different operating cycles, such a goal is change, such as construction sites early goal is to bring more new traffic, but then increase registration rates, contact rates, turnover rates.

Set up a variety of goals, you will be on track to achieve these objectives, and to assess the effect of your promotion. Tracking approach is simple.

Mode 1: overview of transformation conditions. Click to view the "transformation of the trend report" Here are all the way to the promotion of the conversion rate.

Conversion rate can be directly monitored through the promotion of input-output ratio

Mode 2: Understanding the Transformation of Baidu situation. For Baidu to promote clients, concerned about the effect of this approach to promote the most important factor here. Click to view the "Transformation of Baidu Report", where not only the statistics of the traffic situation, there are times on the conversion, conversion rate, traffic, consumption, income, profits and return on investment statistics, etc., which can be a direct reflection of your promotional investment output ratio.

Comments: The company web site, its traffic is often not big, so in particular, need careful analysis to find key traffic sources, and has targeted to consolidate strengths and strengthen weaknesses. Baidu statistics in this regard a large number of parameters, statistical items to measure, truly quantify the effect of your promotion.

For the conversion rate, you have to do is set the goals as much as possible, and be monitored, and the effects can be objectively considered.

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