Friday, October 15, 2010

1 million for the lessons do not come!

Speaking of things that early last year, the task of our factory is very busy.

A friend called his product too late to production we give a hand and a machine can produce two days. We promised down. But things happen so coincidentally, the production strikes a few hours after the machine, I put together with the mechanic machine apart and found a plane bearing bad. Changzhou immediately rushed to buy.

To my old customers and buy a plant on the back and spent more than two small fashion good a machine. I work clothes off, wash players to accompany a friend to drink tea. Chatted for a second 30 minutes before, workers ran for another bad. I was angry to die, I blame the workers back to a few. Workers unhappy face, talk back that I bought was junk goods. I went to check, a look startled. Became the arch-type plane bearing the. Fortunately, no damage to other components. I hastily went to Changzhou. Once there, I and distributors theory, but his look of disdain. Said: "you earned a few dollars on something, what is remarkable."

I have gas, he's a friend for many years but I ah! How would say so. He had made the tools and accessories, but never so bad ah. No matter how I say that he is not willing to refund and replacement. He said something should not say. I do not say. Finally, I leave a relentless: "You do not get things done with no way out. Sooner or later you will regret it."

I can not shop on the other bought and rushed back to the factory. But such a delay is that most of the day passed. My friend was too late delivery of products, this product in other machine tools can not produce. Then I called a friend to talk. He listened very angry. Because he is my business tool to help introduce the dealer. We do not do with other friends that the joint dealer business. Every time I buy a tool in his shop before the time passing by.

So six months down the dealers a bit embarrassing. [Because of such things in our peers spread quickly. I am not a person does not do his business up.] He took the initiative to say hello to me. I'll muddle through.

Finally, he invited me to the store I sincerely apologized tunnel, I began to re-do some business with him. But now the ratio of on to die, 70% of the tools I used to be his. Now 10% of it! I went to the dealer other than it is now much better, because there are more goods, like how bargaining on how sample.

Dealer's loss I get from the other side, is said to have done little more than 200,000. Yeah you are worth the dealer! I do not have rights protection, but this case was even more severe than the 315 complaints to a hundred times.

Summarize a few points;

1. Do not just expected a dealer, to many other places to talk.

2. Found deceived must argue, it is not, can take other approaches.

3. To 315 to complain, to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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