Thursday, September 23, 2010

2009, six things to look forward

Some people think that 2009 will be a difficult, dangerous and even catastrophic year, no matter what, next year would be unusual. In 2009, there are 6 things will happen, although they may seem on the surface is not possible.

One, Facebook will be a network TV buy. This, and you may scoff. But some time, Facebook have realized they did not sell much advertising. If the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) to receive it, it would be best the-NBC's advertising sales skills are very good, of course, if you are able to broadcast the Olympics ad sales good, then you are definitely a Advertising Sales genius.

Second, Hulu will run their own adult channel. I remember where I saw such a view: The hotel's main income comes from pornography. Imagine a sad, lonely man in the hotel room, doing nothing often most in need of such services. The Hulu will profit in this market. Of course, the biggest problem is how to sell ads in this area, but, you know NBC is a major investor Hulu. (See the first ad on NBC excellent marketing skills description.)

Third, Google will buy Twitter. As Google has pledged to strictly protect the privacy of users, so it if the acquisition of Twitter, you will not only be able to watch the people around you, it can be hidden to other people's real-time glimpse into the Google search. To know that this is the future value-added space. Imagine one of the advertising opportunities it. If you are advertising to reflect the real time when you and the person you are monitoring the mood and feel of the latest, is not it cool?

4, YouTube will launch its own cable channel. We know that in order to quickly find your YouTube, the video is not easy to watch. If you search on most people watch the video, they are likely to come from Poland or Turkey football match. So I said, YouTube will launch a cable channel, while its partner is likely to have been free advertising for home theater business channel (HBO), because then a lot of good things that will be able to upload time: Britney Spears fans of grief, guide students personality, funny woman, etc.. This will become the most interesting, and even play 24 hours a day channel. Naturally, advertisers will be targeting this area.

5, ad agencies will be cut to all creative designers and enable automatic procedure to produce advertisements. A mathematician to prove that human creativity is limited, but now it has been depleted we have developed. In the difficult economic situation, the best mathematicians to prove that the art school that has an unkempt entered are not drug addicts are painting what will sell. Google has proven to be the world's most effective advertising agency, and they will be the greatest idea is to master the use of mathematical statistics to the company's fate.

6, the Large Hadron Collider launched with Microsoft Windows7 same time. This may be all of our most beautifully shy of the forecast. The two great progress of mankind will not only happen on the same day, will also join hands to contribute to mankind: the collision of the computer will run Windows7, while Windows7 collider scientists can play the latest, free dance dance video . That would be the biggest ever in the history of science and advertising success.

These projections from the academic point of view makes it hard to accept, so I want to thank those who watch entertainment news event is more important than people.

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