Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thunder push download genuine risk of transfer of copyright infringement

March 21 news yesterday, the Chinese application software and download engine Thunder network teamed Kyushu Monternet, Herald, goodness, network interconnection and other Chinese mainstream Internet music content providers, and thus proclaimed the legitimate content of the Internet and digital distribution channel operations formal integration.

"This joint, not only marked the parties in Cyberspace viable new model of cooperation, but also from the realization of the true sense of multi-win-win cooperation to promote the sound development of the industry." Thunderbolt official said this. Yet those were of the view that Thunder would not only be able to mitigate and Internet content providers in the competition, and they can transfer the risk of the video's sense of copyright infringement.

It is understood that Thunder had invested heavily in 2007 to cooperate with the purchase of copyrighted content, in April 2007, Thunder held at the Great Hall of the copyright claim activity to support the genuine, legitimate video content to promote the development of the Internet.

But in February of this year, the U.S. subsidiary of the Motion Picture Association of six film production companies will be Thunder to court, the Motion Picture Association has said six American films in Shanghai has filed a civil suit alleged violations of their Thunder copyright, and claims 7 million yuan, while openly admitted piracy is still the case now before the Court of Shanghai Pudong New Area, the first trial results will be sentenced today.

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